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Rhonda Allison - Post Balm Lubricating Ointment
Rhonda Allison - Post Balm Lubricating Ointment
Post Balm Lubricating Ointment

Description - The Post Balm is formulated especially to create a soothing and protective barrier on the skin after microdermabrasion and other resurfacing procedures. It protects the skin from burning sensation, but is not greasy and will not cause congestion. May be used following a peeling treatment to keep skin lubricated and to promote healing. Shea Butter Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, natural Vitamin E, and cinnamon acid esters (which have healing and disinfecting properties). Helps to combat inflammation and promotes tissue respiration and repair. Willow Herb Extract Decrease erythema and inflammation and is anti itching. Have same effects as hydrocortisone. L-Mandelic Acid Anti bacterial, antiseptic. Borage Oil Contains the highest amount of essential fatty acids of any oil and is soothing and healing. Butcher Broom Extract Strengthens capillary walls, increases circulation, and is anti-inflammatory. Horse Chestnut & Licorice Extract Botanicals that are anti-inflammatory. D-Panthenol Emollient. Hydrolyzed Milk Protein Soothing.

Recommended Use -
Apply to skin after peeling treatments. Use throughout the day until peeling begins. This keeps the skin lubricated and soft. May be used as a lip & neck balm.

Benefits -
Anti inflammatory, anti itching, anti bacterial and forms an occlusive for skin.

Active Ingredients -
Shea Butter, willow herb extract, borage oil, sunflower oil, L-mandelic acid, butcher broom extract, D-pantheol, hydrolyzed milk protein, horse chestnut extract, licorice extract, vanilla, nutmeg.

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