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We've added additional information & instructions from our vendors regarding our products so you can look up the information at any time. Enjoy!

These Rhonda Allison Products work well by themselves.  Even better, when combined properly to treat specific conditions,  their effectiveness is multiplied !  Try the following combinations to realize the greatest benefit: 

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Acne Protocol - Normal Skin:

     Beta Green Tea Cleanser
Pumice Wash
     Beta Green Tea Lotion
     Blemish Serum
     Aloe Matte Moisturize Cream

    Blemish Complex Cream a MiracleWworker on zits when Combined with Retinol Supreme!!

Acne Protocol -
Oily Skin:

      Pumice Wash 
      Glycolic Herbal Wash
      Raspberry Lotion
      Blemish Serum normal breakouts
      Blemish Complex Cream

     Mix Blemish Complex Cream w/Retinol Supreme for AWESOME results!

      Aloe Matte Moisturize Cream                                      

Very Oily/Acne Protocol:

    Glycolic Herbal Wash 
Pumice Wash 
     Fruit Acid Botanical Spot treat 
 Blemish Complex Cream cysts & pimples
C-Peptide Complex  (AM only) 
Retinol Supreme (pm only)
    Aloe Matte hydrates

Hyperpigmentation Protocol:
Uneven Tone/Sun Damage

     Brightening Scrub 
     Skin Brightening Cleanser 
     Brightening Pigment Lotion
     Naturale Mega Brightening Serum spot treat OR
     Skin  Brightening Gel for VERY difficult areas
     Blemish Complex Cream
     Regenerating Cream

     C-Peptide Complex Lightens with a bonus for wrinkles!!!
Dark Circle Eye Care Protocol:

     Eye & Lip Repair Serum (pm only) wrinkles With Vitamin C & Retinol
    Eye Lift
Serious Eye Care Protocol:

     Eye & Lip Repair Serum wrinkles-night treatment with Retinol & Vitamin C BEST SELLER!
     Eye Revitilizer Argireline® Peptide technology: Instantly tightens tired eyes. Can be used 3x a day!
     Peptide 3-N-1 Eye Cream (am & pm) under serum

    New!! Eye Lift: Peptides & CREAMY feel

Oily "Home Facial":

    Fruit Acid Botanical (after cleanse)
    Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme 
    Impure Mask   or
    Beta Refine Mask (very strong)
    Blemish Serum (spot treat) or  Blemish Complex for Stubborn zits!
    Growth Factor Gel

"Home Facial": Sensitive/Dry/Normal & Rosacea

    Cherry Jubilee Enzyme (after cleanse)
Satin Peptide Serum Matrixyl™3000
   Milk Mask
   Drop of Essence Hydration Drops

    C-Peptide Complex  an ABSOLUTE MUST!!

Wrinkle Protocol - Dry to Normal Skin:
     Clarifying Beads
     Citrus Gel Cleanser or Gentle Milk Cleanser
     Purifying Lotion
     Elite eEGF
Peptide 38 made with 
     Matrixyl™3000 Advanced Technology

Wrinkle Protocol-Pumpkin - Dry to Normal Skin:
     Clarifying Beads
     Pumpkin Cleanser
     Pumpkin Rinse
     Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme
     Satin Peptide Serum  Matrixyl™3000 
     Peptide 38 Matrixyl™3000 Peptide
Wrinkle Protocol - Normal to Oily Skin:
     Brightening Scrub
     Pumpkin Cleanser
     Pumpkin Rinse
     Skin Smoothing Gel
     Antioxidant Complex Serum or Protein Serum (Amino Peptides)

Rosacea / Sensitive Skin Protocol:
     Clarifying Beads (all types)
     Citrus Gel Cleanser (all types)
     Purifying Lotion
     Rosacea Serum (all types)
     Exotica Rhodiola (n-dry cools irritated skin)
     Beta Green Tea Cleanser (oily/blemished)
     Beta Green Tea Lotion (blemished)
     Blemish Serum (acne)
     Mandelic Arginine Serum (acne & redness)      
     Satin Peptide Serum Matrixyl™3000 
     Protein Serum (wrinkles) (Amino Peptides)

Soothing Agents: Breakouts/Sensitive Type
     Satin Peptide Serum Matrixyl™3000 Technologically Advanced Peptide
     Protein Serum Amino Peptide Serum *excellent for super sensitive & tough to heal red areas without causing more breakouts

Soothing Agents: NORMAL or Dry Skin 
    Peptide 38 Matrixyl™3000
    Growth Factor Serum Helps prevent scarring
    Growth Factor Gel Helps prevent scarring
    Regenerating Cream

Very Dry Skin Types:
  Gentle Milk Cleanser & Clarifying Beads
   Purifying Lotion
   Grape Seed Hydrating Serum  
   Peptide 38 Matrixyl™3000 Peptide technology
   Drop of Essence Hydration Drops PM mix with:
  Elite eEGF

Pumpkin Lovers: Anti-Aging for ALL skin types
     Pumpkin Cleanser am/pm
     Pumpkin Rinse am/pm (GREAT for Sensitive Skin too!)
     Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme (weekly enzyme/mask to regnerate skin)