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Rhonda Allison - Skin Brightening Cleanser
Rhonda Allison - Skin Brightening Cleanser
Skin Brightening Cleanser

Description - This is the perfect all purpose cleanser for anyone prone to hyper-pigmentation. When added to a bleaching home care program Skin Brightening Cleanser enhances the results and continues to aid in the suppression of melanin once the skin has lightened. An excellent daily wash for pre and post laser to control pigment changes due to the procedure.

Recommended Use -
Apply a small amount to skin with dampened hands and work into skin. Remove with warm water and soft cloth. Use day and night to support and maintain brightening of skin.

Benefits -
Include SKIN BRIGHTENING CLEANSER in a home care lightening program to enhance results and control pigmentation once it has minimized. This is an excellent daily wash, pre and post laser, to suppress and minimize pigmentation; a natural, all-purpose cleanser that assists in the suppression of melanin – keeping the skin lighter and brighter. May be used on any skin type to leave skin feeling fresh, squeaky clean, and glowing. May also be used to help with acne pigmentation.

Active Ingredients -
Distilled Water, Shea Butter, Saponins, Laurel Berry Derivatives, PEG Fatty Amino Acids, Sodium Chloride, Vitamin B-5, Lysine, Kojic Acid, Cranberry Extract, & Flower Petal Oils.

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