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We've added information & instruction from our vendors regarding our products so you may feel free to look up the information. 
*Keep in mind, some products & protocols may have changed or been discontinued. Feel free to contact us about the latest products. 
Melanie has experience using these producs for over 16 years! 

 Feel free to contact us about the latest products. 
Melanie Was Invited & Trained in Texas 16 Years Ago as an Educational Consultant for Rhonda Allison to Teach 
Northeast Product Education & Acid Application for 
 Med-Spas & Physicians 

Melanie Was Personally Trained by Rhonda Allison, Owner of Rhonda Allison Products

Rhonda Allison Ultimate Eye Care:

Eye Lift
Eye & Lip Repair Serum BEST SELLER
Eye Revitalizer w/ Argireline Peptide
Peptide 3-n-1 Eye Cream

Rhonda Allison Cleansers:

All Purpose Cleansing Pads
Beta Green Tea Cleanser 
Citrus Gel Cleanser 
Gentle Milk Plus 
Glycolic Herbal Wash 
Pumpkin Cleanser 
Skin Brightening Cleanser 

Rhonda Allison Scrubs:
Beta Action Scrub 
Brightening Scrub
Clarifying Beads 
Pumice Wash

Rhonda Allison Lotions & Toners:

Beta Green Tea Lotion 
Brightening Pigment Lotion 
Fruit Acid Botanical 
Pumpkin Rinse 
Purifying Lotion 

Rhonda Allison Corrective / Repair Support:

Blemish Serum
Blemish Complex Cream 

Rhonda Allison Iluma Mineral Makeup


Rhonda Allison Antioxidant & Nourishment:

Peptide Primer
Rosacea Serum 
Satin Peptide Serum   Matrixyl™3000 Technology

Rhonda Allison Advanced Wrinkle Serums

Rhonda Allison Peptides Have a "Smoothing" Effect:

Amino Peptide Serum (Protein Serum)
Argireline™  Advanced Technology Peptide

Peptide 38 
Matrixyl™ 3000

Satin Peptide Serum  
Matrixyl™ Advanced Technology Peptide

Rhonda Allison Enzymes & Masks:

Cherry Jubilee Enzyme