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Rhonda Allison - Mares Milk Moisture Cream
Rhonda Allison - Mares Milk Moisture Cream
Moisture AuLait
(Mares Milk Moisture Cream)

Description - Nourishing and hydrating for sensitive to combination skin types. Mares Milk Moisturizer is a light fast absorbing day and night protection cream. The special blend of natural olive oil, almond oil, Vitamin E & A, with the mares milk powder provide a healthy and soothing dose of skin nutrition.

Benefits -
Hing and hydrating for sensitive to combination skin types.

Active Ingredients -
Distilled water, glyceryl stearate, cetyl palmitate, olus, cetearyl octanoate, mares milk powder, glycerin, olea europacea, almond oil, D-tocopherol, L-retinyl palmitate, squalene, aloe barbadenis gel, allantoin, daucus carota sativa extract, anthemis nobilis extract, althea officinalis extract, grapefruit, jasmine alcohol. Mares Milk Powder A rich pure form of nutrients containing high content of Vitamin D and important minerals. Cetyl Palmitate - Gives stability and texture to emulsions; taken from the oils of plants. Olus - Vegetable oil consisting primarily of triglycerides of fatty acids. Cetearyl Octanoate - Derived from coconut, it is an emollient with non-comedogenic properties. Olea Europacea Olive oil L-Retinyl Palmitate The ester of retinol (vitamin a derivative) and palmitic acid (naturally occurring in allspice & anise) adds texture to formula. Daucus Carota Sativa Carrot extract, antioxidant beta-carotene support. Anthemis Nobilis Purest extract of chamomile. Althea Officinalis Extract Marshmallow root extract, a botanical that is emollient and soothing. Aloe Barbadenis Gel Aloe Vera Gel (D-Complex); healing & soothing, relieves pain and inflammation.

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