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Rhonda Allison - Blemish Complex Cream
Rhonda Allison - Blemish Complex Cream
Blemish Complex Cream

Description - Blemish Complex is a paraben-free benzoyl peroxide (no PEGS) formulation. Offering a soothing, natural alternative, this BPO formula is mixed with a combination of Allantoin, Aloe Vera and a special Crossploymer blend to further enhance its calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

Recommended Use- Clean skin thoroughly (use All-Purpose Cleansing Pads). Apply Blemish Complex directly onto acne blemishes and let dry.  For best personal results, use one to four times a week as an effective acne spot treatment. Follow with Growth Factor Gel.

*****Do not use on broken skin. If excessive skin irritation develops, discontinue use immediately.*****

Benefits - With the perfect blend of bacteria fighting and sebum reducing support, Blemish Complex will clear blemishes while leaving healthy skin – your ally against acne lesions. This powerful BPO prescription will protect the skin while providing just the right balance of hydration and acne control.

Active Ingredients -

Benzoyl Peroxide (5.25%) – A chemical in the organic peroxide family that works as a peeling agent, increasing skin turnover and reducing the bacterial count. Working directly as an antimicrobial, it is effective in clearing up existing acne and preventing future breakouts.
Allantoin – From the roots of the Comfrey (Symphytum Officinale) plant; a strong and safe keratolytic agent that increases the water content of the extracellular matrix and enhances the desquamation of upper layers of dead skin cells.  Increases the smoothness of the skin with cell-proliferating, wound healing, and moisturizing properties.
Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice Powder – Improves skin hydration, works as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, accelerates the turnover of collagen, and aids healing of cuts, grazes, burns and insect bites; prevents immune suppression caused by UVB by repairing damage to langerhans cells.
Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer – A hydrophobically modified cross-linked acrylate copolymer; a film-forming agent which leaves pliable, cohesive, and continuous protective covering over skin.  Extremely beneficial for very dry skins; moisturizes skin for a very smooth, rich, creamy feel with less tack.

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